OLD Math Advice

At the end of the year, I like to ask my students for advice to give to next year's 7th graders.   Here is the top 10 list from my 2012-2013 Math class:

  1. Focus and listen as best as possible
  2. Always do your homework and come back after school if you need help with something.
  3. Don't forget or lose homework because she will get you to make it up eventually.
  4. Try to do the homework every night and study hard for quizzes
  5. I think they will do fine just study and pay attention and class and you will be all set.
  6. You will have a wonderful year, if you are focused
  7. Pay attention in class, and if you don't understand something then ask for help.
  8. STUDY FOR THE QUIZZES TRUST ME IT HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I would just say that they shouldn't be afraid to speak up because I know that things are way easier to understand if u ask the question that u have and not be afraid because someone else in the class so probably wondering the same thing.
  10. Do your homework and listen to the Awesome Mrs. Lefebvre and every thing will be fine. :)