OLD Classroom Expectations

Students in my classroom have the same expectations as all of the students at Mahoney Middle School:
  1. Understand that "Everyone deserves to treated with Kindness and Respect"
  2. Follow the Learners' Code: the 5 P's
    • Be Prompt
      • to class and remain for the duration of the class period.
    • Be Positive
      • in your attitude and in the way that you treat other people.
    • Be Polite
      • to everyone.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Be Prepared
      • with appropriate materials and be focused on the learning targets and engaged in the lesson.
    • Be Productive
      • by focusing on the Learning Agenda and classroom expectations established by the teacher and class.
    • Listen to the entire message
    • Eye contact
    • Avoid distractions
    • Don't interrupt
    • Speak loudly and clearly
    • Think before you speak
    • Ask questions about the topic
    • Repeat the message
  4. STOP - Stop, Think, Organize and Proceed
I have told students that if they meet these expectation, then they will do great in my class.   However, if, for whatever reason, they are having difficulty "STOP"ing on a particular day, then they will be given a STOP SHEET and sent to the office.  While waiting in the office, they will be asked to fill out the STOP SHEET which asks them to examine their behavior.   They will then need to answer three questions:

THINK - What did I do that was not kind or respectful?

ORGANIZE - How did my actions affect others?

PROCEED - How will I change my actions when I return?