Classwork for Thu. 03/01, Summative Fri. 03/02

posted Mar 1, 2018, 4:45 AM by Mrs. Lefebvre
  • New Seats


  • Finish Build a Buffer with Ms. Brown from Portland Water District
  • Essential Questions:

1. How do different surfaces affect how runoff travels?

2. How can plants reduce water pollution?

3. What is a vegetated buffer?

4. How can we design a landscape to protect water quality?

  • Study for summative
    • Describe environmental impacts (abiotic and biotic) on ecosystems
    • Describe human impacts on an ecosystem.
    • Explain the impact(s) (positive and negative) that a change to an organism’s habitat can have on an ecosystem and the survival of a population.
  • Discuss possible actions or solutions (including pros and cons) to lessen the impact of a negative change in an organism’s habitat