Science ELTs

These are the 6th Grade Science Essential Learning Targets:

6th Grade

Graduation Standard 4: Matter and Energy of Ecosystems: Environmental Science

* D1 (HIGH): Understands how energy flows through the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems from producers to consumers to decomposers. (3 - Classify, 4 - Inductive reasoning)

* E1 (HIGH): Understands how changes in an organism’s habitat (e.g., floods, fires, climate change, human impact, invasive species) and population size can influence the survival of a population. (3 - Constructing Support , 4 - Problem Solving)

E2: Understands ecosystems have limited resources to support populations (carrying capacity). (3 - Constructing Support, 4 - Problem Solving)

* F1 (HIGH): Understands natural cycles (e.g., carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.) (3 - Integrating, 4 - Abstracting)

F2: Understands how these cycles are impacted by natural and human changes. (3 - Constructing Support, 4 - Problem Solving )

Graduation Standard 5: Growth, Development, Reproduction, Natural Selection & Adaptation: Biodiversity & Evolution

C1: Understands why some organisms that once lived on Earth have completely disappeared. (3 - Constructing Support, 4 - Inductive Reasoning)

C2: Understands how some extinct organisms are similar to organisms living on Earth today. (3 - Abstracting, 4 - Deductive Reasoning)

* D1 (HIGH): Understands how variations in the behavior and traits of an offspring may permit some of them to survive in a changing environment. (3 - Constructing Support , 4 - Deductive Reasoning)